Snake Jewelry

The trend of animal inspired jewelry has made a huge impact of appeal in the new and trendiest variety of jewelry that has hit the market this year. It is worth noticing how the nostalgic touches of past fashion trends have made their entry into the contemporary fashion trends in a very unique and creative manner. Snake jewelry; which has been a high selling accessory this year also traces the love for the reptilian styles as seen in the yester years. It is also symbolic of the Cleopatra image that uses the perilous design of snakes to project a fierce image of style and class. To know how much the snake jewelry runs in vogue this year, you definitely need to go on a shopping spree for a good update of the latest variety.


Snake jewelry is available in the finest and most exquisite color combinations of royal shades to give a treasured look to the reptilian jewelry. The numerous serpent styled rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are really worth the addition to your already trendy collection. The appeal of the snake jewelry has been so fascinating to the standard conscious people that they have also availed the snake styled bracelets and bangles in gold and diamonds to treasure forever. One of the most distinctive traits of the snake jewelry is that a lot of emphasis has been made to dish out different skin colors and designs of snake skins to give it an apparent touch of reality; that offer a wide platform for choice.


Snake jewelry; especially the bracelets and bangles can be found in full snake lengths to cover a wider portion of the wrist; giving a more discernible appeal to the jewelry. These full lengths of the snake jewelry have an extensive use of small crystals to give a royal and rich look. What tends to cause a thrill in the snake jewelry is the positioning of the head of the serpents; which can be low and flat and fiercer and exciting with the head positioned upwards to give variance to experience of carriage. The meticulous and intricate embedding and color contrasts have really boosted the grace of the snake jewelry; chalking out the standard of modern fashion. The adept craftsmanship used to design and pattern out the variety of snake jewelry is highly commendable.


Even youngsters can avail this reptile jewelry and that too in a manner that teenagers love to wear - the friendship band styles; which use lighter color tones and cool shades to give the effect of a friendship band around the wrist. It has a slight variation in the outlook of the tail, which is in the form of long crystal embedded lines rather than the copy of a snake’s tail. Having sparked off a tremendous response, the snake jewelry is incessantly undergoing transition in craftsmanship to keep the love of the snake jewelry on the rise through new and unique ways of designing all types of jewelry.

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