Reasons Not to be Trendy

The difference of opinion tends to provide a healthy environment in any field; as it allows room for logical and practical thinking that directly leads to the emanation of choices for a better lifestyle. This healthy environment not only gives a better platform of experimentation and new outcomes but also provides the best to make life all the more worth living. While on the one hand majority of the masses tend to rush in adapting to the new changes and trends; there are the rebellious and conservative type of people who uphold the practice of individuality on certain grounds. For them there are many grounds of logical arguments as to why we should not follow the fashion trends. Though many people will instantly disregard the very notion of not being trendy; it is worthwhile to make known their point of view for a better and alternate point of view.


The reasons not to follow fashion trends have the paramount argument which upholds that trends are incessantly changing with the passage of times and needs of requirements therefore; they are not fit to be a symbol of recognition; which is unstable. Trends change and you cannot wear the outdated outfits as they make you seem the odd one out and cause a great loss to your possession of clothing and shoes. Another reason propounded is that with the change of trends you definitely are expected to buy what runs in vogue and that is an imposed financial expenditure, which can be a big blow to your savings. as it is said ‘ a rolling stone gathers no moss’ therefore, the never ending and highly addictive thirst for buying and keeping up with trends can leave you with nothing at disposal.


By the time one gets used to the trends and gets the hang of how they should carry and what they should stick to; it’s already the time of the introduction of new trends and this s something not what the extra practical people like. This argument holds no weight because going out and buying the things in vogue and wearing them even for a month can make you get use to them and anyways, trends don’t go out of fashion for at least a year or so.


The reasons not to be trendy can be summed up as the elements in the society that take the fashion trends as something which aims at making one lose his individuality by merging his getup in a manner the whole world tends to dress up as. Thus, there is no variation and uniqueness; just copying of the same things by everyone.

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