New Fashion Trends 2011

Knee length boots are available in lacquered leather in really bright colours like yellow, electric blue, fuchsia, red and orange. Similarly the woolen dresses are available in really bright colours like orange, yellow, olive green among others.New fashion trends of 2011 suggest that you wear your hair and outfits on the lines of fashion trends of 1960s. Metallic belts in gold, silver and bronze in lustrous over these bright colours are very much in fashion.


Certain fashion designers have introduced traditional checkered wool in this clothing line when showcasing the new fashion trends of 2011. A mini skirt worn under single breasted coats with a dress collar is an instance of an outfit made of this material. A black sleeved bolero jacket made of the same material over black dress pants makes an ideal outfit for women who work in the corporate sector as it is not only comfortable but looks chic on you as well.Silk has been merged with the classic checkered grey woolen material in the outfits depicting the new fashion trends of 2011. An off white silk shirt worn over a checkeredwoolen pencil skirt looks sophisticated yet sexy on you.Plum coloured silk dress that barely skims your thighs makes a hot option for you suggested by the new fashion trends of 2011. It has a double breasted cut in the front and is worn over long boots in jet black. The slight show of skin on your legs makes this outfit sexy yet keeps you at bay with its subtle sophistication.


The long boots worn under these dresses make you look chic and classy. Get the long boots in pure leather or lacquered leather and wear them with the confidence of the women who wants to create a fashion statement with her lovely gate.No winter fashionista is complete without mink and fur and the new fashion trends of 2011 are no different. Woolen hats in fawn and off white have been introduced this fall over these luxurious mink coats that make you look like pampered and sophisticated regal queen. Make a statement by adhering to the new fashion trends of 2011 and look like seasoned model even when you are walking on high street in a casual attire.

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