Mens Shaved Styles 2013

The best feature of the new fashion is that it has left no stone unturned in a bid to bring about a more impressive version of looks and styles that have a tinge of ingenuity and grace. Every slight variation of cuts and lengths in hairstyling offer a great change to the earlier simple and casual look of hairstyles. The men’s fashion trends in hairstyling have given them a great platform to experiment on with some very creative trends that spark up the factor of modernism. The men’s shaved styles 2013 are some of the classiest additions to the trends in hairstyling; which seem to be impressive on the basis of the adept shaved styles.


Men’s shaved styles 2013 to begin with have the full cropped styles as some of the trendiest styles demanded in the salons. The full crop style is bold and offers a hassle free look which is styled up at all times and just requires a regular visit for a trim at the barbers shop. These cropped styles have also been seen to be some of the best carried celebrity styles; as seen at star events. Moving on to creativity in the men’s shaved styles 2013, the patterned shaved cuts are the most effortlessly stunning yet complex hairstyles which display the love for designs and patterns. Thin patterned designs of geometric shapes, cornrows, blocks, celestial prints and African short braided looks are the widely opted trends. They can be termed as the slight funky versions of the men’s shaved styles 2013 that reflect the youthful taste of street life of the young men.


Another good addition to the men’s styles is of the side shaved styles, which have greater medium and long length on top to tamper around with for more impressive and innovative impressions. The brush up style features shaved sides and cropped top hair with front hair grown to half-medium length and styled up straight with styling products. It offers diversity to the short and cropped overall look and is more appealing with the use of rich hair shades. The shaved tapered cuts with front extension also deserve due attention on account of the multi-looks it offers. Bearing a tapered back and shaved sides; it has asymmetrical front extensions that are styled sideways with sharp finishing. The impact of these hair extensions makes them fierce and modern and is a good option for the teenagers to stay trendy.


Men’s shaved styles 2013 have the buzz cuts as some of the hairstyles that have cut down in hair length. The crew cuts, military cut etc are some of the very popular looks of the buzz collection. These short shaved styles tend to have enhanced grace and appeal through the impact of dark and rich colors. For a more chic, flirty and youthful look the blonde shades are best insignias; while for a more formal and mature look, the rich brown and black hair colors are a good way to be noticed for sophistication.

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