Menís Fashion trend that should never have existed

We will be discussing  in three parts as to what men’s fashion trends should never had been created in the first place and should had been avoided. We hope that you would agree with us as we are not sure as to why they were existing and trending on. Such ridicules ideas at times were on the hot spot and people were admiring but there is a time when you look back you seeing that the reality of those trends were ridiculous and embarrassing. So moving along we will be telling you what are the kinds of fashion for men are absolutely nonsense in our point of view. The first trend that should had never existed were popped collars for men. We can come to know that rich people often do face the challenge and hardship of letting everyone know that they are full of richness and money.


But due to how they present themselves and how they act with their personality it doesn’t come much of as invitation and surprise. So when someone is accepted at big named colleges such as Ivy League colleges with fancy libraries named after them specially it is tough for them. Also those rich people who are the member of the neighborhood croquet team might not come off as enough as they may think that they have established a whole personality and name for themselves. So to eliminate that term wearing not only one popper collars but two popped collars was easy and fair to tell everyone that they have the budget and expense to wear two shirts at the same time although this may seem bizarre but this really came into trend in the men’s fashion catalogue and people use to wear 2 popped collars.


Trucker caps were also highlighted in the 70’s as everyone use to wear them as a sense of pride. But when you now come to think of it those trucker caps are long gone and diminished as people do not want to wear such caps and humiliate themselves. One of the trends that should never had been born. The next trend that we would like to share with you is the Von Dutch Hats. We all know that the Von Dutch hats brand name is well known for its business. Its business worldwide for tricking everyday Americans to market the name of the company for the owner himself. So when we come to conclusion we come to know that not only all his hats have his company’s name but they were remodeled after the truckers hat the one that we discussed above. The truckers hat logo was not only in the front but also at the center. No wonder we could imagine him painting his name over a truck and people would be owning all that too today.


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