Menís Fashion trend that should never have existed (part 2)

Moving on to the second part of this article where we will be discussing all the trends in men fashion that should never had been created in the first place. Our first part of the article was very well concluded onto three fashion statements that were never meant for planet earth continuing our article the next men fashion trend that should never have existed are wind pants. We all are very well aware that nylon is known to be the leather of the active wear world. So whenever we think about fine material for jackets and outerwear all we can choose is nylon. But what about when we talk about pants. How does nylon stand a chance for pants? You must be thinking that now in your mind. Well do not kid yourself in thinking if it is the most appropriate choice for jackets it must be too for pants because no it isn’t. All you can feel is wearing a garbage bag over your legs.


That is the best example we can set for you to understand how wrong nylon pants are. Wind pants are made from nylon and this was truly a trend but let us tell you that they were pretty annoying to wear when there’s wind. You would regret wearing them instantaneously when wind will blow as the breeze makes that uncomfortable noise such as flapping sound that is highly irritating and very disturbing to hear.  The next men fashion trend that should never have existed is cropped pants. Now there are rumors about this trend coming into the world and we are not positively sure whether it’s true or not. It is been said that someone took his jeans and popped them in the laundry after he took them out they were cropped pants so without a worry he wore them around town. The image of cropped pants resemble as to a women’s capris.


So those men who wore this fashion denied any resemblance and wore them with pride. They said that there is nothing similar to their pants with some women’s capris. So basically from once incident or let’s say accident this trend became highly appreciated and embraced by men. Everyone would wear them and basically we would be saying those pants would say I’m just here to keep his legs warm while you eye his muscular lower calf and check him out. The next trend that we will be telling you men are unbelievably hilarious. We think it’s funny and we think it would be for you too. The next trend that should had been eliminated and we don’t know why it started trending are none other than copying women that is wearing skinny jeans. So we can say that it is tragically an adverse side effect of wearing too much eye liner that definitely blurs your vision. They certainly had no vision and judgment of bad and right and straight went to a women’s store and bough skin tight jeans and thought to themselves hey this looks extremely cool.

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