Latest Fashion Trends for 2011

Among the latest fashion trends for 2011 great coats are reining the fashion scenario. These come in chic tailored cuts or comfortable street style blanket coats that are easy to wear on day to day basis. Knitted ponchos, capes and cardi-coats make perfect layering underneath this coats to ward off the chill and make you look chic.Supper sized, baggy sweater worn over bare legs in metallic colours is the new rage in fashion for latest fashion trends of 2011. These baggy and metallic tops have puffed up sleeves and shape less sleeves that create an aura of mystery over a pair of gorgeous skinny legs.


Black and white are those two such colours that are an integral part of all fashion trends and the latest fashion trends for 2011 are no different. Designers this year have introduced pencil skirts made of white cotton and wool on the ramp with a combination of black tops and furs.Thigh length baggy and blanket style coats with a hat worn on your head. Wear a pair of stiletto heels underneath this coat and leave your legs bare to create a stunning and sexy effect. The baggy and blanket style coats have also come in muddy brown and tartan red colours.Metallic necklaces styled in the form of roses adorn these coats. Petite handbags with these coats make the overall persona appear very feminine and endearing. Silk scarves worn over baggy oversized woolen coats add class and style to the outfit as per latest fashion trends for 2011Boiler suits and biker suits have been introduced in women’s clothing for latest fashion trends of 2011.


Crimson, algae green and white coats have been introduced in coats and tops worn over jet black and faded black denim jeans that gather at the ankles. Tweed jackets are also being showcased among the latest fashion trends of 2011.The tweed jackets are worn over flat ankle boots and skinny jeans that gather in wrinkles at the ankles. Apart from these rough and rugged outfits some lace and frills are also being worn among women who follow the latest fashion trends of 2011. The frills and lace trim the cuffs and ankles of silk dresses to create swirls of swishing elegant silk.

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