Current Fashion Trends

Deep V neck lined and sleeveless silk top over silk dress pants looks extremely sexy on you. A topless gown made of silk that falls to your ankles look super stunning with a silver bodice that accentuates your figure beautifully.Currents fashion trends suggest fur coats and dresses made from mink that fall to your thighs. Read stilettos and high heeled sandals are worn under these and create a sexy aura for you. This attire is all about looking luxurious in a sophisticated way.


Black lace is being worn by women a great deal who follow the current fashion trends of 2012. Black lace is being used for sleeves, tops or to create sexy cleavage necklines of lace. Jackets and tops made of black lace have been introduced that are being worn over faded denim jeans that fall in wrinkles at the ankles.Powder pink dresses made of embroidered cotton or lace are being worn by women who are following the current fashion trends of 2012.


The colour makes you look soft and feminine yet sexy at he same time.Knee length printed dresses in black with floral prints all over make lovely attires to be worn at day time as casual outfits. Huge dark blue bows adorn these bows at the waist line . Huge clutch bags with gold clasps go perfectly with these dresses.If you want to look luxurious and exotic wear a mink cap over a dress that falls to your knees, made from traditional Russian cloth. The dress comes in fawn and grey prints. You would look like you have just taken a walk at the red square at Kremlin.


A sun dress in shades of black and white that abstract prints all over it makes a lovely casual dress for any woman whether she wants to go shopping or is attending a corporate meeting. The sundress has a thin lacquered leather belt encircling your waistline. The belt gives definition to your figure and gives your persona a sophistication keeping you comfortable at the same time.Follow the current fashion trends of 2012 and look super sassy whether you are at work and couching with your perfect date.

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