2013 Fashion Trends to Avoid

The latest fashion has provided a vast scope and variety of styles and designs to bring about a livelier and more welcoming change in fashion. In comparison to the last fashion year, the approach and outlook of everything is totally changed, more appealing, better designed and in line with the demand of modernism blended with boldness. Though the inclination of this fashion is daring and eccentric at times, selection and combination of dress styles is highly imperative for a good and trendy look. If you really don’t want to turn into a fashion disaster, then here are some very bizarre 2013 Fashion Trends to avoid, as they aim at nothing but presenting a mockery of your grace; which you might ironically mistake for a stylish look because it comes under the latest fashion.


2013 Fashion Trends to avoid are many, yet these which glaring stand out screaming’ not me’ are listed below:

• Printed or ripped stockings are some of the fashion blunders to avoid. The despicable look of torn and printed designs seems awkward and definitely not trendy. For young kids it may be a fun experiment but for ladies it definitely does not support a decent and admirable look. Though the trend of loose sweat shirts and blouses does go well with stockings of a plain block color; yet wearing these ripped and printed styles spoils the very concept of the look.


• High-waist trousers are a deliberate attack on your womanly look because they tend to emphasize the mid wais. The fullopen width tends to further make the look apparently bulky and definitely not womanly because there is nothing that runs as a fitted line to display a flattered feminine curvy figure. For men the Bermuda’s shorts are the stumpy stock that gives a unflattering look to the casual wear.


• 2013 Fashion Trends to avoid have the Lucit heels on the list which present a very awkward stance which seems uncomfortable and a bit of a hassle to stand elegantly. It is something you would not be wanting to risk because after such effort to style up, you would not want all your image to go down the drain because of bad feet posture.


• Though the trend of floral attachment on clothing is a hot trend this year in the formal and casual wear; yet selection of variety in outfits that have a balanced adornment are the good choices. However, some fashion wacko’s tend to love extra creativity and opt for Excessive floral usage on dressing which simmers up a cartoon image that is the extreme version of embellishment that is perversely an explosion of color; which needs to be curbed down for a better and more acceptable look.


• Eye makeup has really been emphasized on with numerous colorful concepts. Doing everything dramatically bright flows in trend but some techniques just don’t have the weight of appeal to make you look fabulously attractive. Raccoon eye makeup is nothing but a trend that is out to tarnish the charm of your face by making you seem black and messy. The prominence of this makeup technique tends to overwhelm any other effort you might have put in to charm up your facial features. This is definitely one of the ‘must’ 2013 Fashion Trends to avoid and this zombie look is certainly not a decision of the wise fashion followers.

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