Fashion Trends 2012

Designers have launched their fresh collection of summer fashion trends. Full sleeved black fitted bodice made of lace over ankle length daffodil yellow skirt has been introduced in the summer fashion trends collection this year.You can wear a spaghetti strap black lace bodice over a bright green silk shirt and look fresh and becoming in the bright hues of the season. A fitted black bolero jacket worn over a white mermaid lace dress looks very alluring to its fit and cut. At the same time the dress completely covers your body thus keeping men at bay and creating an aura of mystery around you.


Fashion trends collection of 2012 this year has showcased a white dress. The skirt of this dress falls to your knees sand a white bolero jacket that is worn over it. The bolero jacket has wide shoulders and elbow sleeves. A white lace blouse is worn under this white bolero jacket. A gold metallic belt is worn around the waist. The touch of the gold metallic belt not only adds some color to the white dress but makes it look like the attire of a regal queen from the Greek era.


Every collection the latest fashion trends showcase a traditional knee length frock for sure. The dress has spaghetti straps and a deep wide square neckline. The skirt of the dress falls in frills about you making you look like a young belle playing about in the garden. Another white dress that falls just above your knees has been showcased in the fashion trends of 2012. This dress has a loose fitting bodice and a straight skirt. A lacquered leather belt encircles your waist in a beautiful fashion and contrasts with the dress beautifully. The dress has elbow sleeves that have been styled in a puffed fashion. Wear black gloves on your hands over this dress to create a nice contrast.


Make sure you wear lots of metallic jewellery over the lovely white dresses showcased in the fashion trends 2012 collection. The hairstyles with all these dresses have a wiry full blown touch added to them. You can wear headbands over this dresses in metallic shades and black color.

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