Fall Winter 2016 Handbag Trends

Fall winter 2016 handbag trends shall being with all the different kinds of hand bag trends that have been elevating in 2016. We are whole heartedly going to accept what shall be given to us and to no surprise we have loved what we have been watching what designers have brought to us on the runway. We do applauded for the designers and their hard work for pulling off such an incredible kind of handbag trends that little did we know were possible through this time of age and era. Not only have we appreciated and adored what kind of clothes the models supported but we also just were amazed to see the hand bag trends that were being presented to us.


The importance of hand bag has been quite seen over the past few year because now women considers handbags to be her most trusted accessory of all and bringing hand bags on a runway just tells us that 2016 shall definitely be including different varieties (that we shall be discussing in a while) that will be high on sale for the ladies. So without much delay we are definitely going to be discussing in this article as to what kind of handbag trends are going to be trending and elevating in fall/winter 2015-2016 so let us begin.


Squared box shaped handbags:


Coming in a time where anything is possible we are proud to announce our first handbag trend that is going to be trending this fall /winter 2015-2016. This unique handbag comes in the shape of a square which is not only super adorable but also the shape itself is amazing to look at without any need of a model to walk it down on a runway. We definitely are sure that these handbags are going to come in different styles of comforts ranging from super hard (where there is absolutely no chance of their shape loosing by any means) to being super soft and cuddly. The harder cases are much easier to carry since they are sustaining their shape which means that they will last longer which every girl wants (something to last longer for them). So these handbags are known to come in different sizes which means you can get bigger ones for some special event (plus if you are carrying extra luggage) to smaller ones which defines how much you want it compact. The choice is up to you.


Fur Handbags:


Now there is a lot of controversy of having fur worn as coats but this incredible style of having fur (that is respected by all vegans) are now the new hip things replacing fur coats and making themselves stand out as handbags yet all alone. This amazing fur garment can now be worn around your hand instead of your body (as they at times can be irritating). The fir handbags can look and deceive the simple eye by making one believe you have an amazing little fur animal wrapped around you. Now the important point that we would like to share with you that these handbags are not all fur as you may at times have seen fur being stuck all around the bag making it highly uncomfortable but with this handbag trend that we will soon see coming up is not only lighter but all it has a cuddlier sense of touch to it. Many people who are conscious of fur handbags will see no problem to it because of its highly regarded priority(when this trend was being established) of making sure the texture of the bag is right which will make it easy for you to carry all spring winter any season you like. Fur handbags will come in shaggy prints as well as you may also be able to see long layers that too in hairy shaggy conditions which will highlight the whole purpose of fur handbags.


Easy on the handbag grip:


No easier comfort or joy in this world when it comes to having the perfect grip on a handbag that you adore and just love. We have been spotting this trend quite much frankly and it is no joke that this easy grip trend will be on the horizon soon. Easy grips have become a necessity in today’s life when everyone is almost always on the run and we too have seen this trend on the runway as well with many models carrying so fluently handbags with such a nice grip that we have never seen before. The most common and elevated kind of handbag for a nice grip would be the handled trunk is absolutely something every lady should understand that this kind is not only easy on the hands but it looks like you are carrying your makeup bag to someplace. Front flab’s are another example to this handbag trend that will help you get carried away with anything. If someone is wanting a more customized look in having a nice grip of handbag well we can suggest you with two amazing hot items that you will just love 1) Thick handled handbags are the very first kind that you should come to know. These are absolutely in love to be with since you can get these handbags easily with not only leopard print detailing but as well as having snake skin and other animal detailing on it and as we know animal print detailing is high on the fashion market right now. 2) Handbags with strap shoulders although we do find this a bit off edge in a way that if we have a fine grip what the use of having a shoulder strap then is.


Glittered handbags with a spark:


Who doesn’t love glitter well we know every lady on this earth does especially the type who loves to carry handbags and is way much into fashion. Glitter is known to be everywhere and never to retire from the fashion and style world. We know how important glitter is in a girl’s life since the patterning has a deep roots impact on a lady. When we see a garment or fabric that has been draped and embellished with glitter we stop there with our jaws open well here is definitely a surprise and gift to all those who adored glitter that the time has come when glittered handbags are now a trend. It is going to be the category of clutches that are going to steal the glitter amusement.

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