Initially serving the single particle purpose of offering an accessorized item that catered to the need of keeping money; the scope and use of handbags has now widened. They have in fact become a part and parcel of the overall getup of the females; who whether carrying any cash on them or not carry it along for the sake of a fashion statement. For some the handbags have also become an addiction which tends to keep on proving to be pretty hefty on the wallet every month. The handbags are in fact some of the guaranteed accessories which females tend to buy a lot and the manufacturers in return tend to provide dazzling new stocks of very unique and creative handbags to keep their business running.

Handbags have had an evolutionary growth and have undergone many transitions to suit and assist the different needs of women. Ranging from the hardest materials to the very viable and soft materials; the latest handbags have so many new styles and variety for the masses to enjoy carrying. The satchel and clutch purses and are the trendiest styles of the handbag chain collections which have catered to the sophisticated and formal needs of business women, celebrities and the fashion conscious ladies. Even young adults and teenagers have become addicted to the use of handbags; if not the large and medium sizes, then surely the small wallets and clutch purses. It is in fact interesting to see how the size of handbags has increased to an extra large size; which is to the extreme used for the purpose of shopping, grocery and even for official uses.

Handbags on the fashion ramps have also displayed a great twist in the taste and trend by flaunting the beauty of some very bizarre and weird shapes such as of the brain, egg, keypad, fruits etc. Though a bit eccentric to see such massive sized and weird shaped handbags dangling by the side of well dressed ladies; it certainly runs in vogue. From a more serious perspective, handbags have in recent times become some of the most expensive accessory items due to their fancy works; out of which many have price ranges that tend to give a sudden jerk of shock to the ordinary ladies having limited income. The small clutch styles embedded with diamond and gold even extend to the limit of $3-5 million. However, the handbags even in the normal and affordable range are no less in charm and appeal. They have metal chains, brooches, floral designs, flowers, beads, gems and feather accessories as guaranteed materials which have given a fantastic look to them and allow even the normal styles to be a hot collection for all.