Red Carpet Dresses 2016

Red carpet dresses 2016 mainly comprise of the dresses seen on the red carpet and intended to dominate the fashion scenario of the New Year. Most of these trends were observed during the Grammy Awards.  


As sexy as the celebrities appear when they attend the Golden Globes, the Emmys, and Oscars, they do definitely inspire women around the world. Around ten minutes into a Grammys celebrity carpet, you will come across unique dresses so noteworthy that we'll be discussing them for a considerable length of time to come.


Beginning with Madonna's strong Givenchy appearance, theeveningwas further enthralled by the music played together with the startling stars hitting the limelight.  Continue perusing to see the itemization of what each celebrity wore.



In a crisp twist from her standard hot looks, the artist picked a cute, poufy pinkGiambattistaValli Couture outfit. The star was looking amazingly cute and beautiful in the dress. If you want to look cute, you should lay your hand on this dress.


Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick appeared on the red carpet in a pantsuit coupled with aJacquieAiche ear sleeve, and dark Jimmy Choo pumps. She was looking so hot that heads really turned. If you want to introduce some radical changes to your appearance in 2016, this dress is for you.


Iggy Azalea

The singer appeared strong and made a bold fashion statement in a smooth cobalt-blue Armani Privé outfit with deception itemizing. She further decorated her appearance with platinum jewelleries by Neil Lane. The rapper looked extremely hot in the attire.


Gwyneth Paltrow

The often seen on-screen character appeared offstage in a gleamingrosy minidress and designimpels. The dress revealed her assets prominently and made her appear hot. If you are desiring to show the world you hot side and display your assets in sexy ways, this dress is for you.



The vocalist wore a dot weaved dark ProenzaSchouler outfit with fragile sleeper. She was looking graceful, hot and charming in the dress. You can also wear this dress to any party and on any occasion and attract eyeballs in the process.


Taylor Swift

The artist wore a vivid dress, deciding on a leg-revealingombréElie Saab dress with fuchsia GuiseppeZanottifixes. She emerged on the red carpet and heads and cameras literally turned.


Katy Perry

The star hit the red carpet during the Super Bowl halftime and elegantly and gracefully walked across the red carpet. She was wearing a sharpZuhairMurad sheath dress with gem-adorned periphery. No doubt, Katy Perry ruled the red carpet. If you want to leave people hypnotized with your appearance, you should go for this dress because it possesses all elements required to give you a gracegul and charming look.

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