Men Fashion 2016

Men fashion 2016 is taking fashion to a new higher level that no one has ever seen before. We are going to be discussing some important fashion trends that are going to place in 2016. The first fashion tip that you must know is that the prints that men are going to be supporting in 2016 is of animal and jungle prints (which every designer is obviously supporting).


We certainly have observed in the runways how designer just couldn’t stop showcasing their animal and jungle prints on their models from fiery leopard prints to  forest alike colors and splash of prints across the fabrics. We also have observed models wearing and introducing low cut tops which were covered in giraffe prints. Those were models but if applied in reality you must take it slow with wearing such prints as they seem easy to carry but they are not. You must know how to keep that certain print allocated to one piece of cloth either be it  a shirt or a jacket and nothing more than that. Try to incorporate other colors with it such as grey, black or even beige. We are definitely going to see layering in 2016 regarding clothing. We have observed this trend being widely popular amongst the ladies back in the days but men are no less behind.


In 2016 we shall see the notion of layering upon men fashion. So all of those guys who like to layer up some clothes this year is the perfect time for you to show your skills. You can easily layer utility jackets over top coats even suits which is not  only practical to wear but also the look is extremely modernized for you to show off and it will look extremely cool and a way to dress. You can even layer windbreakers which can be worn on top of a t-shirt even a shirt and when the weather starts to change you can easily peel of one item at a time for your own comfort. In the end you don’t need specific instructions on how to pair and layer your clothes as this comes with the sense of knowing what matches you and what looks best on you. Over layering is not allowed since a person may look like he has sunk beneath all those clothes the more less you layer the more natural you look like. In 2016 we are definitely welcoming pockets to men fashion. Pocket covered field jackets, pockets on pants (cargo pants to be precise) and even pockets on tank suit were observed many designers showcasing their latest collection for the highest trends there is going to be in 2016.


The perfect and ideal way to stand out from a crowd and maintaining your position is a pocket-heavy piece. Spread collar jackets are also going to be trending which not only are going to be light weight but also they are going to be fashioning up some main debate around the people.

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