Printed Dresses

New trends have always inspired the masses because of the delightful change they bring about; offering a fresh stock of clothing and accessories to change the outlook of lifestyle; giving relief from the same monotonous seasonal styles. This year the trend in clothing has seen the influx an amazing stock of printed designs which have given a fanciful look in an effortless manner without any adornment or accessorizing. The spring fashion shows, magazines and celebrity events have truly displayed the magic of simple print designs in flattering ways which have really made fashion less hefty on the wallet.


Printed dresses have been bought with great thrill and excitement and have given a very fresh and pleasing outlook to the simple plan fabrics. They have such a vast lineup of amazing trendy prints that it is fun to try out each and every kind. Animal print has been a favorite of the masses ever since its introduction in the fashion arena. Earlier there were a limited number of natural colored animal print fabrics but now since adornment, color and creativity are the call of the hour; these animal prints can be found in almost any vibrant shade you wish to have.


The most popular animal prints are: the leopard, zebra, snake, crocodile and the cheetah designs. These animal prints have in fact offered a vibrant addition to the list of winter dresses so that the dullness of winter can be confronted with gaiety. Another incredibly cool and trendy print style is of the bold stripes; which have really added a huge difference to not only dresses of women but are also seen to be offering the men’s variety great appeal and charm. The vertical or horizontal stripes in fast colors make them highly conspicuous and thrilling. The short suits for women and the full suits of men have made extensive use of the striped prints.


Printed dresses for ladies are found in all the three different lengths (mini short, tea-length and long dresses). It is interesting to see how the method of tie and dye has been fused with the printed fabrics. Long dresses tend to flaunt maximum grace of this amalgamation with fast and bright cool shades on top and heavy and large floral printed borders that enhance the grace of rich printed fabrics such as of chiffon and grip. The variety you can have in the printed dresses are the one shoulder short and long outfits, strapless short dresses, halter, plunging necklines, cut-out backs, ruffled short dresses etc. the impact of these printed style suffices the criteria of a fancy look which makes them effortlessly suitable for being worn to even some of the formal events such as the prom, night parties, homecoming. Weddings which are an extremely formal occasion too have made use of the printed concept on wedding dresses for the bride. The large borders with silver fancy prints are the latest addition to the bridal wear.

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