Party Wear

We all love to go to parties, and the dress we choose can leave a lasting impression on someone’s mind. We have to be very careful in choosing the right dress for the right moment. In certain instances our status is measured by the clothes we wear. So we must be very selective while choosing the right combination of colors and dress. The ultimate reward would be being the centre of attraction.


Party wear should be in accordance with the occasion and a lot of other factors should also be kept in mind. Weather is one of the main factors that we must consider while choosing a dress. The party wear must sync with the weather of the corresponding day. A mini dress would do well and be an apt choice for a warmer day while on a cooler day skin tight party wears would be more preferred. The color of the dress also matters. Black dress would be suitable for a cold weather and on the other hand lighter colors would look great in summers. The time of the party is another important factor in helping one decide about what to wear. For an evening party, party gowns can be the ultimate choice.


The mood of the party is again another important factor i.e whether the party is formal, semi formal or casual. Long dresses that don’t show as much skin are often more formal, although there are some formal strapless dresses. For very formal occasions, party dresses should be long, flowing and high class. Strapless evening gowns bring out the feminine grace and are in vogue. For casual parties such as garden and other outdoor parties short dresses like knee length or tea-length sun dresses can be great and of course the accessories also add on to the party wear, we must be very careful in choosing the right accessories with the right dress.


The party wear dress you choose must fit your body perfectly. Not all cuts will flatter the body so, do keep in mind what sort of cuts make you look and feel amazing. The dress should not only look good but should also make you feel comfortable and enable easy movement. For a pear shaped body, a dress that is form fitting on the top and loose fitting on the bottom would be an ideal choice. Similarly on an hourglass shaped body a form-fitted frock would highlight the curves. The straps of a dress will affect everything from the frock’s shape to its neckline. A perfect special occasion dress should highlight all your assets and downplay any problem areas. The prevailing fashion trends must also be considered while choosing the right dress to wear .One must also try to be unique, innovative, creative and stylish.

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