Odd Wedding Dress Trends

Every passing second tends to bring about a change in the current fashion. It is a healthy state of practicing the art of trend whereby, the array of styles and diversity of approach and concept account for a competitive and vigorous market; which offers complete satisfaction to the consumers. It has been very prominent that this year there has a bold approach with regard to almost everything that is a part and parcel of fashion. Even the bridal wear; which since centuries has been seen and carried in a traditional simple white outlook has been tampered with to a great extent. The odd wedding dress trends have brought about a very unorthodox look for the brides; whereby the fusion of the latest clothing trends have minimized the factor of differentiation between this highly formal ceremonial outfit and other fancy dresses.


Odd wedding dress trends have many new features which tend to be some of the glaring highlights of the new fashion. The foremost, distinctive change that has been brought about is of the color change; which has cast aside the traditional heritage of white dresses and has promoted and publicized various shades on the fashion ramps. These latest additions have light colors such as tea-pink, yellow, beige, turquoise and even red color as a factor of appeal in the new collection. The results of these odd wedding dress trends is that not only do brides now have a wider platform of option in colors but it has also given a great setback of tarnishing the grace of brides; which made them stand out in the wedding ceremony. Apart from color change, the printed trend has also seeped its way into the bride dresses as some of the odd wedding dress trends, in the short blouse styles designed with knot straps, open collar shirts with pants having organza drop flaps and Short length in skirt styles with strapless mid waist blouse such as of Kiera Knightly. It has given the bridal wear a touch of casualness which certainly is not graceful; especially for a bride and in fact renders a touch of absurdity to the bridal look whose image is maybe low in charm than the bridesmaid dress.


Odd wedding dress trends have also introduced the roman styles bridal wrap up long dresses; which feature along length maxi with top long length simply cast upon the shoulder in the roman Greek style with full exposed backs. The sheer exposure trend finds it dramatization in the odd wedding dress trends; whereby, bridal dresses have also been designed in long dresses with net tops that tend to offer no privacy of figure at all.


As stunning these may sound; these odd wedding dress trends have been initiated and will be common sights at weddings by women who are willing to spoil their looks on the most important day of their life. Some other very menacing styles that have surfaced are; odd lace color contrasted sleeves and bust cups, dramatic mid leather trails at the back and excessive fancy work; which have earlier not been even thought of to be a part of the bridal look. These odd wedding dress trends have inclined a great deal away from the smplcity and elgance of the bridal look and has intermingled its look with touches of bizarre and unwanted trends.

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