Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

When quality and creativity through adept craftsmanship are sought; money matters. Weddings are a special occasion in one’s life and inevitably everyone tends to spend lavishly for a wedding outfit so that they can really carry the night away with absolute grace of their outfit. Wedding dresses are the highly scrutinized feature of the bridal getup that is of instant concern of the onlookers. Though wedding dresses are expensive; you yet have a great shock of surprise in store for when you see t how far the price range of the wedding gowns and dresses can rise up to. Some of the most expensive wedding dresses can pop out your eyes not only in envy for the meticulous and precious work but also because of the unaffordable price tags that leave you always crazing for one.


Most expensive wedding dresses range from the simple rich fabrics to the most fabulous and alluring precious stone work. For the elite classes and celebrities they are the luxury outfits which they tend to prodigally spend on to flaunt their social grace and standard. Starting off with the biggest price jerk for wedding dresses; the diamond wedding gown; worth $12 million, as the name suggests, is one of the costly bridal outfit out in the market. The clusters of small diamonds embedded into the wedding gowns spark off twinkling grace that certainly draws attention.


It uses 150 carat of real diamonds that are patterned out in the most exquisite designs to make the experience of wearing and carrying it worth remembering for the rest of one’s life. Moving on to another hefty bargain on wedding dresses, the white gold diamond wedding gown worth $8.5 million features 100 white pearls and a rare 5 carat white gold diamond .


These Most expensive wedding dresses can be more than a full lifetime savings for an ordinary person but they are the choices and class of those showered and blessed with money. The amount of exquisite beauty and intricate work really pumps up the blood in temptation to own one. The peacock wedding dress is one such most expensive dress that has real peacock feathers stitched together in a massive drop down foot train style that creatively traces the footsteps of the bride from a long distance due to its gigantic trail. The color of this peacock wedding dress is certainly different in shade and offers a good change of outlook to the otherwise traditional white image and is certainly much lower in price than the earlier two and dangles at a price of $ 1.5 million. Some other expensive wedding dresses to name are: Danasha luxury gown, platinum wedding dress, the gems wedding gowns, Imperial pearl syndicate gown and the royal wedding dresses of the British royal family such as of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.

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