lady Gaga - A Fashion Teaser

If you think that eccentricity and wackiness are the trait of lady gaga with respect to her profession only; then you better have a good look at the lady’s full name which is ‘ Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga. Pretty much obvious from the long and absurd full name, lady Gaga has a very controversial popularity which is mostly on hot flames of dire criticism and sarcasm. She has scored a great fan following on some websites but make no mistake of taking it to be a well deserved vote of confidence; majority people tend to check her out for how absurd and crazy she looks; just for the sake of time pass. I guess for some fame is all a part of being known for something if not credible actions.


Lady Gaga is an artist with numerous channels of income and fame such as her singing, song writing, dancing, acting, activism and business but unfortunately none tends to earn her a respectable image in the industry due to her bizarre and totally crazy dressing sense. Despite such a hefty resume, lady Gaga is considered mostly to be a fashion teaser because of her odd ways of self-presentation. She has completely obliterated all the fashion norms and always made public appearances in ‘costumes’ rather than outfits. The use of dramatic makeup too tends to come as no big surprise but rather lives up to everyone’s expectation of absurdity. It is in fact interesting to know that though Lady Gaga tends to uphold a fashion trait of her own individuality; she is in fact charged with copying the odd ways of dressing up by Grace Jones. A good surf on the net shows that the accusation is quite true; with many of lady Gaga’s getups the carbon copy of grace Jones. It is in fact hilarious to know that such taste can have competition too.


Lady Gaga seems to have devoted herself towards fashion rebellion and in no way is she an inspiration from any perspective; rather ridiculous from all perspectives. The comments posted on websites regarding lady Gaga are endorsements of the fact that her celebrity style is in no way intelligent, inspiring or worth emulating. The derogatory remarks passed off are in no way a lesson for lady Gaga to learn from and she continues to carry on with her bold, ridiculous and pathetic getup no matter what the level; of formality and that too ironically with complete confidence of appeal and standard. This not only tends to tease of the trends of fashion with their hilarious distortion of what fashion is all about. Summing it all up, the style of lady Gaga is nothing but about being imperfect, stupid, deliberately oblivious and last but not the least about being confident about it. So if lady Gaga’s getup is really your perfect celebrity style then you know the keywords that need implication for a completely pathetic look.

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