Fashion Stylists

Whenever one needs an update of what runs in vogue and how we can make things work to our advantage through styles, we tend to look up to the celebrities; who are known as the ‘power house’ of trend setting. This apparent notion of seeking inspiration for style from celebrities really tends to provoke a retrospective approach in thinking to rightfully root out the actual owners of celebrity styles. Certainly it is not the work of the celebrities to think, design and stitch out the amazing stocks of outfits and accessories and still have the time to be stunningly available to the masses at every red carpet event and also spare out the time to be professionally caught up. All the hue and cry in the media is about the shimmer and shine of celebrity styles while the rightful owners- the fashion stylists, do not unfortunately get the massive popularity and prominence for public awareness to acknowledge them for the style and trend setting.


Fashion stylists tend to be known very little for their effort because majority of the masses do not turn up on fashion shows; rather a limited number of people concerned with the profession for vested interests tend to show up. Thus, the effort and concept of the styles of fashion stylists remains an open secret to a limited number of people; for the rest, it is the celebrities who tend to be the core personalities responsible for propounding and promulgating trends through their own individualistic attitudes and tastes. It is undeniable that celebrities have a massive contribution in publicizing and making trends a mega success through their effort of carriage and personalities, yet they can never be the sole owners as this right is respectfully and confidentially reserved for the fashion stylists.


Fashion stylists have thoughts and business tactics which they tend to deploy under the glamorous clover of celebrities so that the cycle of mutual benefit runs fairly for all. Though it seems very unjust to deprive the fashion stylists of the great prominence and popularity for their effort of reflecting the cultural traits of a society, yet this background working is basically their business oriented necessity to earn better profits. The reason is fashion stylists are not limited in number with not necessarily good physiques and charms to allure the masses around the globe, nor do they have enough time to spare out for exhibiting each and every design they make to spark off in fashion. The indefinite number of celebrities, their attitudes, the personal style and their popularity are utilized by the fashion stylists to make the magic of their designing work in a lesser span of time with maximum appeal and grace. These rightful owners of celebrity styles are voluntarily behind the curtains for better business; so I guess there is no harm in giving the celebrities the undue full popularity and fame they have for a hot and inspiring look in outfits and accessories.

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