Defending Celebrity Styles

Celebrity styles are not only the outcome of the conceptual talent of fashion designers and trends but account to a great extent on the personal traits of individuality of the person himself. The way one carries his or her posture, the outfit selection, color combinations and compatibility between dress code and style presentation, intention and motive; all add up to the real star identity. On the basis of the above factors, the ocean of celebrity styles is replete with numerous personalities; out of which some have the grace and attitude of stardom, while others on mere pretext of impulsive, intellectual actions and lack of caliber tend to have infamous and rebellious reputations.


However, that does not harm their publicity or hue and cry in the media; as they have their own low and cheap means and channels of making it to the headlines of the media gossip. Hollywood has many celebrities who have different criteria’s of fame and progress and the opinions regarding their attitudes towards their beliefs and actions are really a good way to pass your time in amusement, shock and humor.


Celebrity styles on the other hand offer a glaring contrast of the pros and cons of personality developments and characteristics which provide a healthy platform of not only discussion but also healthy criticism. Every style of celebrity is endorsed with arguments in favor or against their style traits. Focusing more towards defensive arguments regarding stars with rebellious and untamed personalities; is perhaps of more interest to the readers. In current times, Kim Kardashian has become an infamous uproar in media due to her deliberate exposure of body development during her pregnancy. Her outfits only add to her vulgarity of intimate disclosures; which for her ironically are the credible of deceptive fame. Her maternity wardrobe collections has outraged many people who are up to their heads with this ‘no talented celebrity’ for just sparking off rumors over her voluptuous figure and revealing outfits .


Her inveterate crudity seems to be the only tool she has to keep it going for herself but for some this cheap lifestyle is quite impressive; as for them she tends to be a diva of fashion who knows how to stay trendy and figuratively fit in tight clothing without letting her reproductive changes hamper her love for fashion. These are reasons enough for the gullible masses who welcome her fashionable image rather than her infamous reputation. It cannot however, be denied that she does have the makeup and dressing appeal which women tend to admire in this fashion conscious society.

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