Celebrities With no Intellectual Capacity

Celebrities are held in high esteem by people who tend to look up to them for numerous reasons of inspiration. Judging them on the basis of their glamorous personalities, credible performances, the entertainment they provide and the social welfare activities held under their auspices, one tends to really admire and envy them for their active participation in the constructive build up of the society. Whether you agree or not , the structure of the society to a great extent is mounted on top of the dazzling celebrities; to have , add to and to attain maximum benefits in a symbiotic relation. For the celebrities it is not only hard work and effort with regard to staying dressed up all the time to mark their impression in media, but is equally enervating to give acknowledged professional work that tends to secure their position in the industry.


However, all is not as it ought to be; while there are hundreds of celebrities who are well focused on their careers and resort to disciplined personal principles in lifestyle, habits and pleasing amiable public interactions; some really have no judicious intellectuality to assist them on their path of fame. They tend to make action blunders through inveterate habits and insignificantly lame priorities to ironically attain fame based on their weak and lamenting connotation and interpretation of the word ‘fame’.


Celebrities such as Kim kardashian come as no big surprise in the news when you see exposed and vulgar images of her. It is her trick of the trade to be the spicy and hot gossip in media and on the internet; that too through self-projected and self released pictures of almost every private moment and part of her body. This lacking of intellectual capacity is very much deploring and definitely the celebrity traits which are harmful for the young minds who; like Kim, can be mentally distracted and obsessed with fame and tend to root out cheap means to have it. A comparative analysis of such glaring contrasts between such celebrity traits really tend to emphasize on what the values of fashion, cultural demand and personal respect are and what they ought to be. Celebrities that have no professional caliber to display talent through actions will definitely be in loss throughout their lives because the harm done to the actual respect cannot be gained even if they were to start all over again.


Though no big issue of exposing oneself; it s a part and parcel of the professional field, but all exposure and no credibility does not seem to be the rightful tool deployed to win hearts and acknowledgement. Despite age, experience and living examples of actually successful celebrities around them, it really is pathetically lamenting that people don’t learn the art of their profession and love to remain stagnant with the same derogatory approach for materialistic gains.

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