Kim kardashian Makeup Traits

Style is definitely not something that comes from the simple natural looks of a person. There is so much addition of fashion traits whose endorsement is needed to present an outstanding image of something that is at times not worth much attention. Kim kardashian is a celebrity who needs absolutely no introduction when it comes to displaying oneself completely and absolutely before the masses because even if she doesn’t have the professional credibility at hand to be popular; she definitely stands a solid ground of appeal on the basis of presentation and style appeal-no matter what the intention. Thanks to the efforts of the stylists and fashion experts, even the ugliest thing in the world can now be a stunner- with makeup on off course. The influence of makeup and cosmetic products has certain amazing transitions that are inducted into the plan natural looks; for something that not only becomes an x-factor of confidence for an individual but also a great source of inspiration for others. Not many may have had the chance to see the real Kim kardashian without makeup; her looks and appeal are totally different and quite ordinary. However, her makeover and getup are the key tools which she deploys to be the glamorously ravishing to be the Kim kardashian that we know in media coverage.


Kim kardashian has certain features of her presentation which have in fact become symbolic of her style- apart from her exposing outfits. Though she is not very much liked for her cheap means of publicity and inveterate lifestyles; she definitely is a good guide for knowing certain tips towards makeup application- a thing which many girls tend to be slow learners of. Kim kardashian’s typical look is slightly more tanned than her natural fair complexion; which is a wise tip in makeup application to make it work to highlight and make prominent others facial assets; especially the eyes.


Kim kardashian applies this same wise tip like Katie Holmes to make her eyes more flatteringly conspicuous and for Kim kardashian her eye makeup is one of the strongest and fiercest facial presentations. The use of a full darker base and a lighter toned base around the eyes and cheeks tend to provide her with an apparent freshness around the eyes which is lighter in outlook. This tends to pave out a better and richer basis for applying eye makeup. Kim kardashian’s eye makeup is mostly about the use of dark eye outlining to have the eyes look more dramatic and defined with dull metallic or golden shades used on the eye lids. The image tends to become modernly more chic and fierce and definitely draws attention.


Kim kardashian has mostly resorted to the use of nude and skin and tea pink shades in lipstick with an extensive use of lip gloss to make them blend well with the impact of the stunning eyes. It is not her comfort zone to tamper about with this typical look of hers and therefore, no matter what the outfit or occasion; these are basic makeup looks.

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