Katie Holmes Makeup Style

The art of applying makeup is no child’s play and is certainly not a trick that not everyone can execute well. The prime significance of using makeup is to use it judiciously for concealing skin flaws such as dark circles, pimples, wrinkles and skin ruptures and also for adding an extra tinge of contrasting shades to lighten up the image and have a well presentable look. Katie Holmes is one of the leading hot divas of Hollywood who has the natural talent of making makeup work to her advantage and that too in the most gorgeously natural way. This is in fact one of the paramount features of the makeup style of Katie Holmes that she uses makeup in a manner that hardly gives away the concealments offered by her makeup.


Katie Holmes is a cover girl of some of the hottest and most flourishing glamour magazines; and why? That is certainly through her flawless execution of makeup tricks that facilitate a fantastic and effortlessly makeup-less look which is ravishing and definitely inspirational for others. There might hardly been an event where she might have overdone it. Consistency and precision are the ultimate tools of makeup which prevent cartoonish makeup blunders that effortlessly make you look like lady Gaga and Katie Perry. The foremost, step towards simmering up a naturally appealing look like that of Katie Holmes is a healthy diet; which mostly consists of raw vegetables; which provide her the rich essentials to stay slim and healthy and furthermore, Exercise tends to burn down her extra calories. These are the basic internal tricks of her magical flawless look whereas; her adept makeup tends to complete her cycle of perfection.


Katie Holmes major distinctive makeup traits are firstly, the use of dark rich shades; which provide her the naturally lustrous look which is instantly discernible and fierce in outlook. On top of that; the dame knows how to tone her skin to simmer out the true beauty and prominence of her eye makeup; which are her most influential facial features. The use of dramatic mascara is more prominent on the upper lashes along with the liner; which do so well in taking the attention away from the area of dark circles. That’s right, despite a good fair western complexion Katie Holmes tends to go for a slightly tanned skin tone because that tends to flaunt a better and more graceful impact of the eyes. Another judicious trait of her fashion expertise makes her select and opt for sober shades which complement her looks and figure. This is the punch line of a good getup to have clothing items that offer coordination and style. Nude pink and glossy shades are her keys towards making her full lips more sleek and slender in outlook; while the slight lustrous glossy looks attracts the attention. Overall Katie Holmes makeup style is definitely the right guideline towards knowing how to flatter your image and looks in a manner that makes her stand on the pinnacle of the glamour world today.

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