Influences of Celebrity Styles

For anything to be known and acknowledged, a channel for its commercialization and publicity is compulsory. This is exactly the purpose that the celebrity styles serve in a fashion conscious society; whereby the awareness of any trend is brought to the public notice through the flattering and glamorous personalities of the celebrities. They are in fact the ambassadors of trends, glamour and fashion and tend to exercise great influence on the thoughts, attitude and lifestyle of people. Fashion stylists tend to take advantage of the situation and bring to market their own stocks of trends and designs for a well earned business through the publicity of celebrity getups.


Influences of celebrity styles are many and it is in fact interesting to see how many fields and vistas of life are intimidated by them; leading to a cultural change. These changes become the determiners of a society’s running with regard to dressing code, hairstyling, atmosphere etc. From the political perspective, celebrities are a role model for millions who can change their taste, attitude and behavior out of inspiration and love and that can be a good ticket towards winning elections. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a renowned action hero whose fame has earned him great success in his political career; whereby certain masses tend to blindly follow and endorse his manifesto.


This political influence can be used in a constructive manner or even be misused to assist in increasing the votes of a party on the pretext of favoring the favorite party of their star. Another influence which is to be mentioned is of the body image; which is at times disastrous and needless. Celebrities tend to have their own style of carriage and many tend to adopt them and walk and talk like them. However, it doesn’t end here, from the negative perspective, celebrities also resort to plastic surgeries, extremely painful trends as tattooing and body piercing on sensitive areas and the celebrity lovers tend to get certain unnecessary surgeries in a bid to be like their favorite star. Love for celebrities can be constructive and destructive and requires cautious and wise defining fan following. People should not identify themselves with them to the extreme so as to be harmful for oneself.


Influences are not only confined to the world of glamour only, celebrities can also be inspirational through their humanitarian attitudes and missions of charities, animal and environmental protection; which tend to draw not only a great fan following but also great respect from all corners of the world. These traits can in fact be so inspirational that many tend to act the same way; thus, the celebrity lifestyle indirectly contribute towards the welfare of societies and tend to play an incessant positive and negative role on daily basis.

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