Womens Fashion 2014

No matter in which part of the world you’re living you all might have observed the current financial woes, economical crises. The same case goes in Europe where civil war along with different twist and turns with escalating battles that are casting a tail worldwide. Hence, the coming fashion trend took a step backward from the socio economic background this season and attentive on more continuous theme stuff: Nature.


Nature has been defined by many people in different terms, from Mother Nature to human nature, and obviously the natural. I’ve used natural because when you will go from NYC and through to Paris you will see it posses beautiful who can be said natural. Hence, the woman form as a natural being is eminent in the crews and highlighted not flooded by bossy garments or female destroying fashion declarations.


For the upcoming season of fashion you’ll see the figure skimming silhouettes, transparencies and bright colors with few omissions, which has been brought back for the upcoming season as far as the female fashion trends for the season is concerned.


In this season’s collection you will notice that the color palette arrays from pastels, with the color of sky blue which has turned out to be the most stunning trend for the season with coral red come fuchsia. Besides the white a summer staple is back in the collections and black keeps leading the dimmer end of the gauge. Silhouettes are beautiful, edged with flounces and ruffles. The good thing is that the trousers are more softer, billowing palazzo pants are also back in the side which ads more charm to the collection.


If you talk about the prints natural floral have dominated the catwalk,. Many designers have printed contemporary paintings on their fashions, Although the current fashion week wasn’t much different then the previous seasons collections in terms of trends and silhouettes, but still the fashion looks fresh and renewed.


The only interesting thing seen in the collection was the new color blue for the upcoming season. it also varies from pastel baby blue to electric deeper shade. Blue looks cool especially when it comes to the collection for the upcoming summer. And most probably this color was given to make the summer collection more attractive.


Then there is another color which has remained in the collection and that is “black” but black might not be used in the summer collection it will rock the market for the spring season. Varies from light black to full dark one and will be combined with different other colors to make it more beautiful as one of the combination might be white which has been used in the past as the best combination with black. The spring summer collection would mostly come in different printed designs because it looks more attractive in this season then any other.

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