Fashion Trends Fall 2014

Each season comes with new fashion trends whether people follow them, ignore them or revolt against them, but no one can refute them. Fashion trends fall 2014 are not very different from the ongoing fashion trends. New fashion trends along with old trends are expected to evolve and emerge in fall 2014.


Key premise for the fashion trends, according to, are punk fashion, plaid and pajama wearing. Punk fashion is expected to develop with “styles that preserve a subversive undercurrent” as predicted by the forecasting agency Trendstop. Many subcultures and substyles have been integrated over the years. Revolt and hullabaloo are the core sagacity of punk. Plaid and its scruffy and modish appearances once again will have a dominant and leading spot. Boudoir will continue sprouting which is originated from the epitome of pajama dressing.


The Key to Chic identified four fashion trends which will inspire population at a large scale. Rocker trend, a fusion of 1970’s punk and 1990’s grunge will have sleek leather and destroyed denim as key materials. The expected colors are gray, metallic, blues, navy, black and deep red. Atmospheric, moody landscape, abstract animal’s styles and many other patterns are going to be in the market. Last but not the least, accompaniments for this trend is studs, buckles, sleek materials, pony hair, exposed zippers, chains, motto boots and many more.


Pro Sport trend reflects vigorous way of life’s movement and motocross muse. Vital colors are gold, red, royal, navy and olive and the key materials are leather, neoprene, nylon and mixed media. Bright accents, high gloss patent, elastic, perforated leather, lug soles, quilted ankle boots are some of the trimmings.


Boudoir fashion trend is an allusion of old Hollywood starlets and Victorian gentlemen. It is more spongy and feminine. Colored leather, satin, brushed silk and jacquard are some of the materials for Boudoir. Moreover the key items are oversized coat, pencil skirt, embellished sheath dress, feathers and accessories are fur scarves, loafers, smoking slippers, strappy sandals, cat eye glasses, embellished belts, ankle socks etc.


Folkloric is a mix of bohemian and folk which shows the boho glamour of the 60’s and 70’s. This fashion trend can be only simple lines or embroidered one. The materials for trimmings are pony hair, fringe, wooden heels, studs and feathers.


Gothic Fairy is going to be another fashion trend for fall 2014. The story of a gothic princess who wears lace and velvet is depicted by this trend along with highlighting the delicate womanly with a dark side. For makeup, dark lips and pale skin will be seen. Moreover religious representation in prints, needlework, jewelry, crosses, brocade, deep flower-patterned, and dark colors are essential elements of this trend.


Close to earth trend which is based on earthy colors will be one more interesting trend in fall 2014. This trend is going to give a masculine look referring to the story of a working girl of 50s who has a tomboy inside her.


The weirdest of all the trends for the fall 2014 is Futurist with futuristic fabrics, seqins and galaxy prints. It is unobtrusive in featuring but is highly embellished in silhouettes telling the story of a serious girl of sci-fi movie.

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