Spring Fashion 2014

The coming springs trend is going to bring back the decades rudiments yet again in the world of fashion. This might not sound quite interesting for the guys who love changes but I tell you what this is going to be more interesting trends then ever. Its not that the coming spring’s trend is totally relying on the previously given fashions, you’ll see a lot of change in the designs, colors and finishing but basically its inspired by the classical trends actually. Most people say that a lot of famous celebrities have really appreciated this style not only for its designs but for the finishing as well. And when celebrities are inspired by such trends then of course a normal person would love to follow them as a star. Besides its not the first time that you’ll see a mix up of previous trends in fact we’ve seen it in the past as well when designers just gave a touch of the previous trends and it kept rocking in the market. For instance if you remember in the last trend the wide bottom trousers for man was given which was inspired by decades back old fashion and people loved that designs as well as the colors which were mostly bright. Similarly in the springs fashion 2014 you’ll find the old trend not only in men’s wear but in female’s wear as well, and I bet you’re going to love these styles.


It was seen in the end of the fashion week, which was held in Toronto where the show of spring 2014 was held for the up coming season. We saw that different designers have come up with an emerged trend of all. These dresses have been professionally designed by keeping in mind how one is going to look hot in the coming season and the streets at that particular day was full of people who liked the touch of the old trends and they all loved it.


It was seen that most of the dresses that different style of spots were printed and were in a painterly quality, which was influenced by the international cultures and they rocked as the models marched their way. As far as the luxurious fabrics collections are concerned they were mostly found printed with water lily floral which looked great, Some of the dresses and skirts were depicting the African wilderness roared, they were inspired by the African culture. We also saw some touches of the 1990’s trends with beautifully designed. Although they were not totally the same the designers have given it an awesome finish by giving it a touch of the modern styles and those collections were one of my favorites and I wish I could have had one before it comes to the market, especially the one’s in violet color were the best, the design was absolutely superb that one would love to wear.

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