Latest Fashion Trend 2014

Latest fashion trends 2014 were expected to be different not only for men, but women as well. The tendencies of using bright and bold colors are on the spike. Colors like orange, lime green, red shocking pink, fuchsia, neon colors brought a huge change in fashion trends 2014. Besides, black and white colors are still there, which adds more charm as usual in fashion and are still the most used colors.


The latest fashion 2014 also includes shoes, sole heel shoes and colorful accessories. Similarly the fashion trend of South Asia is also following the European trends as it has quite similar touches and has been liked by most of the people.

As far as the latest fashion trend 2014 for women are concerned, it has been seen in bright spring colors. The colors are mostly bold, floral print dresses along with a similar color of belts. Unique designing on few dresses, blazers, high heels, and flowers printed brightly on few dresses add more charm to the fashion, making them look more attractive than before.


The latest fashion trends for men have also been designed in a very attractive way after camouflage design was introduced in the market. Camo is a military design and it has been printed on different men’s’ wear, including sneakers and jackets. Another turn in the latest fashion trends 2014 are the stripes, which have been used in a wide variety of men’s accessories. These designs have mostly been seen on leather jackets. The most attractive part of these designs is the color combination, which includes neon, lime and light red. So, finally at least something to cheer about for the men as the big change of bright color tendency has came in the fashion trends 2014.


It turns out that the latest fashion trends 2014 will be adapted to the seasons. For instance, if we talk about women they might be using the colorful designs throughout the spring and summer season, like the stuffs made of sheer fabrics are more often used in summer. Similarly, the winter season demands more warm clothes; therefore, leather jackets and trousers are the best to use. Warm tones, including neutral and earthy tones, are also best options for the women.


The trend for men could be somehow different throughout the years. They can deal with the same patterns from the beginning of the year because they have been given a choice of weather to go for the colorful one or the neutrals, whether it is autumn, summer or winter. They have been given a wide variety of stuffs to choose. For instance, they can comfortably use jeans with sneakers for three seasons: summer, autumn and spring. Besides, they can choose a variety of colors as there are number of colors available for men, both in casual and formal wears. The only thing they have to compromise on is probably the suite which can be used only in summer season only and spring.

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