2014 Fashion Trends

2014 fashion trends is going to be the season that is not something that exists in dresses only. It will be the trends of new ideas; it will be a season of newest collections of textile designers. It is going to be an era that billions of dollars industry will further grow and going to be a great impact on the fashion industry. 2014 fashion trends are going to be the promotion of new trends. It will be an extra ordinary impact on the life of people through the whole world.


The pace of new trends is going to be changed and grow with no doubt of new innovation in the fashion industry. Whether it is clothing, foot wear, makeup or Accessories, there is going to be newest creations of all that. There will be popular t-shirts, jackets, skinny jeans that will be popular in men and women as well. 2014 fashion trends will be a season of colours such as blue, pink, teal and people will love to be in bright colour clothing. People will get inspired of fashion trends using different TV series. People as always get inspired from popular figures related to Television, sports and other industry, so they will try to obey these personalities.


2014 fashion trends will be in mainstream especially in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. The clothing of Male and females in these regions include braces, newsboy caps, printed sweaters, job skirts, floral skirts, and footless tights. Popular models and television personalities fashion trends will be very much famous of these particular regions. New glasses will be introduced specially the ray-ban will be in the market. Black and white clothing will be popular as compared to the past and its going to be famous especially in the United Kingdom and in the United states. The elaborate popular colourful style will be more famous in 2014 fashion trends. As far as the east is concern polka dot dresses will be more famous in china, Korea and in Japan. Black dress will more popular to wear in events and shows.


Jeans will be more common are men to wear with t shirts and hot pants and baseball jackets will be common in the United States. Many cities will be in competition for the 2014 fashion trends and Dubai is from now preparing for the centre of fashion industry and fashion trends in 2020. New York City, Toronto, London and Sydney will be the top most latest 2014 fashion trends of the world. 2014 fashion trends will also a season of showing different and innovative trends of the world through runway shows in various big cities of the world. It is going to be famous on the red carpets. 2014 Fashion trends will not be only in the big cities but in the smallest streets of the world.

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