Fall Wedding Ideas 2014

Wedding day is supposed to be the best ever day of your life. So it’s really important for one to know not to spoil that special day with a little carelessness. Well you’ll find it in a rare cases that this day comes twice or more in one’s life but whatever the case is the day that comes first in your life is more important than the others, as it will give you a new experience than you’ve ever had. You’re going to start a new life with new people and new things around you. Some one has truly said that “First impression is the last impression” so you have to be prepared to inspire your life partner with an inspiration that would never end.


Well first of all what you need to do is to get some idea from some really expert designers that how are you going to prepare yourself for that special day, not only in terms of dressing but also your hairstyle, your make up etc. So as we all know there are a number of varieties in the market today as far as the dressing for that particular day is concerned. So what you need to do is to first consult a designer if you can’t do that then you can even ask a married friend of yours who knows you very well in terms of your dressing. Then you must first choose the color, which really suits you, the best. For instance if you have a fair enough color then I would recommend you to use a bit darker color of dress for the day as it has the best combination, although a bright color may also suit you but that’s my personal observation as a male that girls with fair color looks great in dark dresses. Then you must not forget to see what’s your hair color and has it got a good enough combination with your dresses color if yes then move on if not then try some other colors or even a change of design can solve your problem. Similar you need to see your figure and height as well because the designs that you need to purchase must give you a look that best suits according your height.


Then you need to consult a professional hair dresses for making your hair trimming or if you want to make it shorter that could be another choice but make sure the haircut must be according to your face shape. For example a round face shape or an oval face shape looks great in any of famous bob’s short hairstyle so you may choose one of them. And if you like a long hairstyle then you must do a little trimming of the edges according to your face shape. Then make your makeup by keeping in mind that has a good combination with your hairstyle and dressing.

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