Fashion Style 2013

Females are influenced by fashion all around the world. Many females think that fashion is something that tells others about their personality. It is true to some extent. Fashion style 2013 is unique and holds a major position in lives of females. Fashion styles have many positive as well as negative effects on a person.


First of all we are going to discuss about negative aspects of fashion style 2013. The identity of a person is badly affected by fashion because a person tends to follow every fashion. There are many beautiful models with slim physique that used to walk the ramp with extra ordinary and innovative makeup and dresses. Every woman wants to become as slim as supermodels. Fashion style 2013 can often make people financially deficit. People watch fashion shows and tend to spend a lot of money on expensive designer clothes.


There is a pressure among females to look beautiful. Fashion style 2013 has influenced many teenage girls. They tend to compete with their friends and class fellows to look fashionable. This is how pressure is increased on young girls and many of them are depressed.

There are many positive aspects of 2013 fashion style. As mentioned above that a person can losehis/her identity by blindly following the fashion. But it is not the case with everyone. A person can become creative in following a fashion to define a new identity. It is the personal choice of a person to adopt fashion. Fashion is everything about style and it does not mean a person will turn into a supermodel with what models are wearing. One must be realistic enough to accept these facts. Women must try to focus their body and find ways to improve their looks


It is not necessary that a person will spend money on buying expensive clothes. Many women save their money by mix and matching different clothes in their wardrobe. They add new accessories to make the old dresses look new. Hence it is proved that one does not need to spend extra money in looking fashionable. Creativity is the right solution or adopting fashion style 2013.


One must be confident about what he/she is wearing. A person can become popular by wearing stylish clothes but the fashiondoes not suit the person until he/she has confidence. Fashion does not stress on buying expensive clothes. There are many local brands that are manufacturing good quality and stylish clothes. If you are confident about your fashion style you can decrease the peer pressure. There is no need to become stressful due to the competition of looking fashionable as everyone has different personality and sense of styling.


Fashion designers say that fashion is not exactly what is seen on TV or fashion shows. It is the inner desire of looking beautiful.

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