Red Carpet Fashion 2013

Celebrities and stars walk the red carpet to attend Academy Award ceremony. Red carpet fashion 2013 is full of glamour, style and fashion. Female celebrities choosethe best outfit and wear perfect makeup and jewellery so that they can get the vote of best dressed person. Basically there are two categories for celebrities naming best dressed and worst dressed. No one sees who has designed the dress because the eyes are on the celebrity who is wearing the dress.


Male celebrities are also voted for best and worst dressed. But the red carpet fashion 2013 for men is safe because they haveto look elegant and stylish. Men don’t have many choices as compared to women.This is the reasonmen are at safe end. People think that it is easy to be voted as best dressed celebrity but a single mistake can turn the game.


There are some rules for red carpet fashion 2013. The first rule states that you must wear a different color to express yourself. It will also make you look different from others. For example, you can opt for brown color instead of traditional black color. Female celebrities make more mistakes in selection of colors. Moreover, there are many wardrobe male functions that sometimes lead to embarrassment.

Hairstyles are of great importance for red carpet fashion 2013. The hairstyle must be carefully selected. Some celebrities look good with slicked back hair with a lot of styling gel while others look good with tussled hairstyles. You must remember that it is not the event to try wearing a new style for hair. For example, if you have thin hair don’t get bald look and if you are bald stay away from wigs. In other words, wear a hairstyle that looks natural.


Red carpet fashion 2013 includes creative dressing as well. But this type of dressing does not suit everyone. For example, Mickey Rourke can wear shiny black boots with white suit. But this style might not suit any other male celebrity. The best way is to try wearing different dresses and suits and choose the one that looks good.


Female celebrities can show off their stylish sense of fashion on the red carpet. Gowns are popular among celebrities and considered as a fashion statement. Celebrities need to choose agown very carefully by considering few important things. First of all, they need to consider their body shape so that gown can enhance their curves. There are different styles of necklines and sleeves that can help in drawing attention to the body. Secondly, the color of gown plays an important role in making the celebrity look glamorous andbeautiful. The color must match the skin tone andthe weather. Blue is the right color for tan skin tones. People with tan skin should stay away from black and orange.

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