New Fashion 2013

Jeans have been favourite dress of everyone. It is believed that jeans will be ruling year after year. There are other dresses as well that are popular among girls and boys and they like to wear them on various events. New fashion 2013 has made ways for new brands to launch different designs and colors of jeans. Teenagers love jeans because it is the ideal dress for everyday wear.


New fashion 2013 for jeans has many new cuts that have made them popular. In the beginning, normal cuts were popular for jeans and the denim jeans were admired by all classes of the society. The history of jeans has revealed that working men equally liked the fashion of jeans. As the time passed the teenagers of 1950s considered jeans as a fashion symbol. Different brands and manufacturers started designing jeans with boot cut and baggy jeans to maintain the popularity of jeans.


New fashion 2013 has given way to slim or skinny jeans. Initially skinny jeans were made for women but now men have started wearing them. There are many colors for skinny jeans. A skinny jean is paired with T-shirt or a tunic. Skinny jeans are popular because they can help in contouring the body shape. Many people find this type of jeans uncomfortable to wear and find it difficult to move easily.


Some of the popular types of jeans include ripped, torn, distressed and washed. New fashion 2013 of jeans is liked by every woman. Every woman wants to wear them. Women must focus on their body shape in order to wear the right of jeans. There are different styles of jeans that are made for different body shapes. Let’s discuss these types of jeans for different body shapes. Women with hourglass body shape can wear any style of jeans. This body shape has a balanced proportion so there is no restriction. Women with pear shaped body have full hips and need washed jeans. The legs of women of this body shape are short. These women can wear straight cuts to get the illusion of long legs.


Women with apple shaped body can also adopt new fashion 2013for jeans. These women have wide shoulders and narrow hips. This body shape needs to be balanced with flared or boot cut jeans. These types of jeans will make the look in a balanced proportion. Women with apple shaped body can also wear low rise jeans to make their hips look slim. Lastly, there are women who have straight or rectangular body shape. This body shape has no cures and body looks straight. Boot cut and flared jeans can make the body look curvy. It is recommended not to wear straight cut jeans for straight body shape.

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