Oscar Fashion 2012

Oscar Fashion this year had celebrities on the red carpet. While women wear gowns and dresses of a variable sort men stick to the classic tuxedos at this grad event. Celebrities walked the red carpet for Oscars fashion 2012 in swirls of silks, chiffons, organza and taffeta. A particular gown that caught my eye was a moon light gown made out of the finest net fabric with silver thread weaved in it. The gown was topless and had a crisp bodice that stood out beautifully.


The bodice ended in a huge skirt that was all fluffed up. Most probably the fluffed up effect had been created with layers of clothing beneath it. The celebrity who was wearing this gown also wore a pair of matching high heel sandals with it. The sandals had a criss cross strappy design that brought out the beauty of the celebrity in question. This gown reminds one of the fairy tale gowns that princesses would wear at the grand ball.


Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz wore a gorgeous off white gown for Oscar fashion 2012 this year. Her gown was made of off white chiffon and was topless. The skirt of this gown was all frilly and ended at the ankle. The gown swished and swirled as the celebrity moved creating a lovely floating effect. The topless bodice of the gown hugged the figure of Penelope Cruz perfectly and bought out the frilly effect of the skirt even more.

Kate Winslet wore a gown made of steel gray silk . The gown was topless again and had a figure hugging bodice. The skirt of the gown was straight similar to a pencil skirt that falls all the way to ones ankles. Since the celebrity in question had a wide frame, this gown suited her perfectly as the trim cut of the gown added proportion to the celebrities figure. The topless cut of the gown allowed Kate Winslet to show off her shoulders and the slim pencil skirt hid her hips beautifully.


Charlize Theron wore the lilac gown that was made out of satin. The gown again had a topless cut and hugged the celebrity figure all the way to her ankles. The gown had a mermaid like cut that was a good way to accentuate Charlize Theron’s figure. The bodice had two roses made of satin. The roses were a lighter shade of satin and added some spice to the gown.


The one thing that was common at the Oscars this year was the topless cut that most of the gowns sported. It is a good practice to wear an updo hairstyle over a topless gown since the purpose of the topless gown is to show off your shoulders. Only women who have bob hairstyles or shoulder length hairstyles shoulder leave their open over a topless gown rest should wear an updo.


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