Menís Fashion 2012

Neutral and classic gray colors are being used while the awesome looking vibrant colors are worn in a casual way.

2012 is near and the designers have a bit too much to offer so the trends for men’s fashion for 2012 will be rich in terms of colors, styles, textures and fabric. Plus we can safely say that the fashion trends for 2012 will diversify your style.The shades of gray are a classic; they can be worn with black, white as well as mixed with border colors. So whether you want a casual look or a business suit, gray will be one of the major colors for men’s fashion for probably the entire year of 2012.


As far as luxury is considered velvet is continuing alongside such luxurious fabrics as cashmere, fur, leather and calfskin. These and the other luxurious fabrics are going all the way. Red is the color of passion and aggression in the new autumn-winter season, has spread greatly in the designer collections for not only men but also women!! Red is always present in men’s fashion because it to a lot of people symbolizes strength, power, will to win, and to some people their manliness is represented by the color red. The whole of this paragraph makes one thing clear; red will definitely be a top color alongside grey for sure.

In designer collections this season, an unusual set of hats have been introduced, some of these are inspired by the 1900’s blockbuster movie Indiana jones. Hats will be a must have accessory in men’s fashion 2012 so get busy with the headwear.More or less men’s fashion for 2012 has got a lot to do with coats, over coats, hats and pure and basic colors like red, grey, blue, white are in. Leather like 2011 is still in and is being used by many designers to make beautiful jackets. Graphical print is again in and is even being used on some coats.


Sleeveless coats under a coat under an overcoat, I know I sounds weird but when you look at it ,it is just amazing and when worn on top of leather pants, it make the look complete. Plus if not feeling so cold or if you just don’t feel comfortable in all that clothing another growing trend in wearing a one button shirt or a shirt with open buttons) under that overcoat.


Stripped ties and coats are also in right now as they are being made by most designers more and more often. Stripes both vertical and horizontal are being introduced in men’s fashion for 2012.When talking about the fabric in men’s fashion 2012, we can surely say that leather and silk are a must have in pants coats and jackets. Hoods are in but not that much, they are overrun by overcoats, leather jackets and double shirts with cool graphical prints.

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