Men Fashion Trends 2012

Men’s Fashion trends 2012 have been introduced keeping both the chill of winters and the hues of the upcoming spring season in mind. A male model walked the ramp this year wearing dirty green pants and a yellow shirt under a huge jet black woolen cota that fell to ones knees. The male model was sporting hairstyle with a sleek centre partition. The hairdo was very suave and the hairdresser must have employed liberal amounts of gel to style the hairdo for this model.

Another male model walked the ramp at the start of the fashion 2012 wearing a gray suit made out of steel gray fabric. He was wearing a sea blue sweater underneath this coat .The sweater had a black collar that was made of silk. The coat of this suit had a single breasted cut. This attire showcased for the men’s fashion trends 2012 is meant for all those metro sexual men who want to look good at work but do not have enough time on their hands each morn to get ready. This attire not only provides you comfort but sex appeal and style as well.


They say blue is the colour of all males and well its true according a certain attire showcased in the men’s fashion trends of 2012. This male attire had an ink blue woolen coat. The coat had a double breasted cut with black buttons. The model who was wearing this attire was wearing a pair of dark gray woolen gloves as well. Underneath the coat the model was wearing a white T shirt that had a closed collar.

The combination of white and ink blue made this attire really trendy and brought iut great style in the male models personality. The model was wearing a pair of plum pants underneath the coat and T shirt which added some colour and spice to the overall attire. To some people this attire might seem like thanks to the plum colour of the pants but you can always wear a pair of steel gray pants to complete the effect cant you?


Designers added experimental attire to the long list that males can wear in 2012. The attire included a pair of white pants worn under a white shirt. But the shirt wasn’t just plain white. It had a blue print on it which seemed a result of navy blue ink and plum paint splashed on the shirt. The model was wearing a thin black belt around his waist to add some solemnity to the attire. Furthermore a dark gray woolen coat was worn over this attire that fell to the model’s knees. This dress offered a combination of punk and sophistication. The printed shirt gave a punk effect to the attire while the long gray coat added solemnity to it.


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