Latest Fashion Trends 2012

Thigh length chiffon dresses with spaghetti straps have been introduced this year with multi coloured floral prints spread out all over the front. Models walked the ramp in dresses of this genre with an elegant bun twisted at their nape. The floral prints were on only embellished on white base but steel gray base too.

Some steel gray chiffon coats that fall to your knees have also been introduced to among the latest fashion 2012. Spring is almost here, and so are the gorgeous flowers that bloom in every nook and corner. Keeping this in mind, designers have introduced a powder pin ankle length gown that has floral embellishments all over it made out of ribbon work embellishments and silk thread embroidery.


A small metallic belt encircles your waist for this dress and the sleeves are loose with a puff like fitting at the wrists. This gown reminds one of the ball gowns women used to wear at the debutante launching ball in the olden times. To ornament this beautiful gown further. An intricate chain with matching earrings was worn to create the perfect combination of glamour and sophistication.

A similar gown was worn but with black floral embellishments. The floral embellishments mostly consisted of black roses spread all over the gown with a thin black metallic belt encircling the waist. The gown had a closed collar and was made of sheer powder pink chiffon. A pair of intricate sandals was worn by the model who walked the ramp with this dress creating and exuding an aura of 18th century romance.

There may have been several models that walked the ramp with ankle length gown but some designers introduced some dresses that showed off a bit of skin too. One such dress was a white floral top that had a collar similar to men’s shirts and full sleeves with white cuffs. Underneath the floral top the model was wearing a pair of white cotton shorts and yellow jelly platform heels.


This dress seems ideal for a summer walk as the colour gives you the option to stay cool all day. The cut of this dress provides comfort and ease of carriage as well. Similar to the white floral top and plain white cotton shorts, some models wore plain white cotton tops over white floral pants too. Or more variety was added to the attire by wear a plain white cotton jacket over sleeveless floral top and knee length baggy short in white floral prints.


Since we are speaking about the colour white, its only fair to advise you about when to wear this colour and who should wear it. White coour is meant for skinny people as it a a transparent colour also it should be worn during day time instead of night as it is ideal to dispel the heat of the sun.


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