Hair Fashion 2012

Hair Fashion 2012 this year offers many options for those women who have bangs and wavy hair. The bangs offered for hair fashion 2012 are blunt. These blunt cut bangs look good over shoulder length wavy hair provided he wavy hair itself has a straight medium length cut. For formal occasions there are many hairdos one can wear for hair fashion 2012 such as getting a side partition and gathering all your hair on one side in curls and waves. To do this hairdo perfectly, make sure you apply lots if styling gel , gloss adding serum and curl enhancing cream to your hair and then twist it in a side bun to create natural waves and curls.

Bobs are also being worn by many models following the hair fashion 2012. One such model wore a hairdo that had a side partition over her chin length bob. The bb was blow dried inwards and had a sleek appearance on the top achieved with the help of styling gel and gloss adding serum. A round faced model wore a sleek bun that sported a simple yet elegant side partition. From the looks of it ample amount of styling gel was applied to the models hair as the hair was very glossy, sleek and in place.


Women with platinum blonde or silver blonde hair ought to be happy this year as this shade of hair is considered very in by the hairdressers of the fashion worlds. A model walked the ramp sporting a platinum blonde shade of dye on her hair. She had thick and loosely wavy mane for her hair and had gathered all her hair on one shoulder with a side partition.

Women with round faces also have something to look forward to in hair fashion 2012. A model walked the ramp with her hair swept back. The swept back look was achieved by applying styling gel to partially damp hair. The styling gel ought to be good quality and should add a bit of gloss to the hair.


Not all hairdos introduced for hair fashion 2012 are sleek and sophisticated some hairdressers have introduced some very messy styles as well. A model with naturally honey blonde hair wore a hairdo that was very sexy and messy. The hairdo was achieved by applying lots of styling gel to her damp hair and then the tresses were run through by her fingers. This hairdo looks good on a cocktail dress as it the sex appeal of the dress makes a good combination with a messy hairdo.


A similar messy hairdo was one with a centre partition and a small bun at the nape. The front of this hairdo had soft tendrils protruding out of different areas around the widows peak which gave it an innocent appeal. But this hairdo ought to be worn only by women who have silky and wavy hair.


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