Fashion for 2012

Fashion for 2012 has introduced clothing line that is both comfortable and smart. A model posing for clothing line of fashion for 2012 walked the ramp wearing an elegant steel gray skirt made of wool. She was wearing a black shirt on top of this skirt . the shirt had full sleeves and a V neckline . The neck line of the shirt had diagonal plaits. The plaits added style and persona to the shirt. Another model was wearing a similar outfit. But the colour scheming of this outfit was inverted. The bodice of this outfit had a cape like cut and was adorned with a black rose.


This outfit revealed the models a little bit as well. The belly revealing cut of the outfit made this outfit very alluring. It seems as if black is the colour of the fashion for 2012 as another model walked the ramp wearing a dress in this colour. The dress included a black pencil skirt that fell to the model’s knees. The top of this dress was black as well and it seemed to be a combination of a black sleeveless top with small black cape or poncho thrown over it.


Apart from dark shades light colours were also introduced this year on the ramp for fashion 2012. A model wore a white top with powder blue pencil skirt. The powder blue pencil skirt was made out of lace that was a little see through and required lining. The collar of this white top is peach in colour and reminds one of the classic collars of the dresses of women in the 50s decade.


A similar dress was worn by another model but with a slight variation. The model wore a straight dress that fell to her knees. The dress had three tones same as the previous dress, namely, peach, powder blue and white. A pair of white jelly sandals was worn under this dress by the model to accentuate the light shade of the overall attire.Designers have introduced top ten colours this year for the spring season. These colours are a mix of both bright hues and soft shades. Theses colours include Poppy Red, Geranium Pink, Orangeade, Canary Yellow, Grass Green, Tiffany Blue, Hyacinth Blue, Ink Blue, Honey Brown, and Sandstone Gray.


Most of the dresses introduced in these colours were worn in silk, georgette, and satin. Women wore a mix of all attires. They wore thigh length dress. A combination of skirts and blouses was worn by the women too. Closed collars were a part of most of the attires showcased for the spring collection of 2012. But that does not mean that the models were dressed like nuns. There was a good deal of revealing as well sometimes with a dress sporting a sleeveless cut and at others time revealing a pair of legs.


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