Fashion Dresses 2012

Fashion dresses of 2012 have introduced many interesting cuts and designs. Black red and white was worn by majority of the models who walked the ramp. A model walked the ramp in a red dress that would look good on any frame. This dress fell to the model’s knees and had full sleeves.

The red dress had a round and shallow neckline. A tiny metallic belt encircled the model’s waist. The belt was dark gold in colour. The full sleeves of the dress gave it a very alluring look. The model wore a pair of high heel shoes that had black and white zebra print. This dress is an absolute favorite on my list and is recommended to you all. Another dress that caught my dress was a black one. This dress had a narrow albeit deep neckline.


The dress was sleeveless giving the model to show off her gorgeous arms. The skirt of the dress ended in a frill that has sharp diagonal cuts.
Black and white knee length dress worn by a model was definitely an eye catcher. This dress had a black and white panel and a shallow round neckline. The dress had a block design trimmed with alternate black and white stripes. Another model wore a fitted shirt that fell to her knees. The shirt had a printed bodice.


The print consisted of multi coloured triangles. The dress was trimmed of with sizeable patch of the same print.A dark blue dress was worn by another model that had a white patch trimming. The sleeves were also trimmed of with white along with the neckline. Another dress was showcased for the fashion dresses of 2012 collection. This dress had a thigh length cut and no sleeves. The dress had a white belt encircling the shoulders with a huge white bow over one shoulder.


A black evening gown was showcased in the collection for fashion 2012 that was very simple yet elegant. The cut of the gown left one shoulder bare and covered the other shoulder with a bow. The gow3n hugged the model’s body snugly making it alluring and mysterious at the same time.


It seems black is the colour of most of the dresses introduced in the fashion dresses of 2012. One such dress is a black blouse that had elbow sleeves and a zipper neckline. The skirt of the dress is made of thick fabric and has an angles cut. The angled cut is trimmed with strip sporting tiny polka dots.


Not all dresses were in black and white, a model wore a lilac dress that fell to her thighs and was the perfect combination of class and sex appeal. The dress has cup sleeves and a diagonal neckline. It was made of a floaty thick fabric that was not only comfortable but classy and stylish as well.


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