Autumn Winter 2012 Fashion Trends

A very hip model walked the ramp this year posing for the autumn winter fashion trends of 2012. The model in question was wearing dark blue shirt, pants and jacket. All three of these garments had a similar print, that is, alphabets and symbols in various light shades.

Though it’s the start of the year and many of us would not even think about what we will want to wear in autumn later this year but there are many designers out there who have charted out the fashion trends for autumn and winter of 2012. Two colours are dominating the autumn and winter scenario of 2012 a good deal and these are black and white. Cheetah print is also being introduced for the clothing lines of winter and autumn fashion 2012.


A model posing for the autumn winter fashion trends of 2012 wore a pair of tight fitting pants in black and white cheetah print underneath a jacket in similar print. The model was wearing a white shirt under the cheetah print jacket. The shirt had a closed round neckline with no collar. The simple cut of the dress adds sophistication to it and the cheetah print makes it stylish. The model wore red lipstick with this dress which brought colour to her overall persona.


Another model was wearing a fawn coat that fell to her knees. The coat had a single breast cut and had a frock like A line style. The coat had bronze metallic button and the sleeves of the coat came to the model’s elbows. The model wore a pair of black boots underneath the coat so that the dark colour clashing with fawn would create a striking appearance.

The 80s decade would also be brought back to like this fall it seems. Since a designer dressed up a model in white jacket with closed collars, the white jacket had a button across its front and was trimmed with layers of frills. Underneath this jacket the model wore a white mini skirt that was straight in cut. The model wore a black hat over this dress so that the combination of white and lack would create a good appeal. To add colour to her over all look she wore a red lipstick.


A particular dress that caught my attention was a skirt and jacket made of cheetah print chiffon. The shirt worn underneath the jacket was made of white lace and added an unconventional appeal to the overall attire. The attire let the model show off her pair of legs and she wore red lipstick over the dress to add some glamour to her overall persona. This dress although smart requires a slim figure to wear it since you would have to show off your legs and also wear a white lace shirt underneath the dress.


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