It is important that you should stay up to date according to the latest fashion so that you can make a statement everywhere you go. However, always wear something that you are comfortable with and can carry with grace.

Fashion is not limited to gender, age or any particular region. It is something that is as old as the human race and varies from places to place. However, with the world becoming more of a global village fashion is becoming somewhat common across the world but only limited to urban centers around the world.

However, since the word woman goes hand in hand with vanity. Fashion is first and foremost associated with the female gender around the world. Women like to dress up the moment they can look at themselves in the mirror that is as really young and cute girls. Fashion for women is associated their hair, makeup, shoes, dresses and basically the way they carry themselves. The biggest section in the fashion industry around the world is the way garments industry. Millions of dollars are invested in the fashion industry for clothes each year.

Fashion shows are arranged around the world at the start of each season featuring clothes for formal occasion, casual/ office wear or sometimes a clothes line just for the sake of creativity. There are basically four major seasons of introducing fashion lines by all the major fashion designers from around the world. Among the four seasons of fashion, that is, summer, spring, autumn and winter depending on the season and the region money in invested on the fashion line for that particular season. For instance, if the Fashion styles show is being show cased for summers and in an Asia Pacific region then the investment would be huge and ample amount of money and time would have been invested in creating the summer's line as the summers tend to be long in these area. On the other hand if the fashion shows are being showcased in Scandinavian counties would have huge revenue invested in the winter/ fall clothes line as it is extremely cold there all year round.

Fashion industry has foot wear as the next priority. However, unlike garments sector this sector is not invested that heavily into. Certain areas like Milan, South East Asian countries tend to indulge in this sector too. But it is more for the sake of luxury then necessity.Fashion is something we all associate ourselves with and there would be no color in our lives without this terminology. However, it is important that you have a certain personality first which can be later ornamented by fashion.