Harmful Effects of Cosmetic Usage

A world where everyone is in a constant race to be at their best; the use of cosmetics, has increased considerably over the past few decades. Be it men or women; hardly anyone stays aloof from the application of cosmetic products. Ranging from the simple Vaseline products of lotions to other hardcore beauty products for beauty treatments; all have become fashionably dependent upon their use. Not only do cosmetics help facilitate and enhance the external charm of the face and body but also help to curb, halt and put a wedge into the growth, stimulation and worsening of the skin texture which is at all hours infested with risks of vulnerable beauty attacks from external factors such as pollution, sun and micro-organisms. However, amongst all this glitter and shine of the manifold benefits of cosmetic usage, it is imperative to remain positively conscious of the negative impacts which the excessive uses of makeup bear.


Harmful effects of the use of makeup include threats such as: allergy stimulation, increased pigmentations, fungal infections, skin dryness, intoxication, rapid aging, wrinkling and facial roughness. The severity of the use of cosmetics is not limited to these external shocks only but certain harmful components such as mercury, lead, and magnesium can also lead to birth defects, reproductive side effects and complications as well as boost the risks of cancer. It is a dermatological warning to always carefully read the composition of products you buy and be aware of the channels of evading the menace of the side effects they bear to enjoy beauty benefit it offers and also to keep safe from all perspectives of enduring bodily harm.


Harmful effects of the use of cosmetics should not be overlooked or go unheeded because excess of everything is bad and being applied on daily basis, it should ring an alarm for one to be cautiously aware with what’s going on the other side of your apparent beauty. Cosmetic products have a chemical composition that definitely has notorious beauty side effects and tend to target the skin layers. Though ironically providing you with a glowing and hassle free facial and bodily charm, the depreciating effect on the skin leads to horrid looks when you are without makeup.


Since you are not styled up all day and using makeup is not the requirement all day long, there are times you have to be your normal self and imagine having a tarnished and totally worn out look. It would really be up setting to know that you cannot stand your ground of appeal on your own and require endorsement of artificial means to be appealing to not only others but also yourself. However, resorting to cleansing of skin after makeup usage and before going to bed, really help a great deal in removing out not only the traces of cosmetics but also to revitalize your skin tone and texture for a new struggle the next day.

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