Best Combinations of Makeup

The art of applying makeup is not everyone’s game to play. There are certain rules and guidelines that need to be implemented in order to bring about a look that is definitely worth the praise and gives inner satisfaction. Best combinations of makeup tend to boost your facial charm so that you look your best through not only you natural appeal but through a lovely blending of colors to display an attractive view. At times you may have seen women walk around with certain makeup blunders with an ironically contended feeling of looking good. Such attitude is basically fashionably ignorant and tends to defy the odds of a good look. Certain combinations and techniques of makeup application are imperative to simmer up good looks. There are numerous types of looks that you can carry on your face such as a hot and dramatic look, simple and cute closer to a natural color and dark makeup. Each type of makeup looks is essential to be gripped over because depending on the time of the day or night, you have to alter the shades and their tones to simmer up the best outcomes


Best combinations of makeup are basically the makeup tricks that need focus and primarily target the balance of high and low tones of makeup shades and also color blending; which complement each other and also the color of the outfit that you are wearing along with your complexion. Foremost, you need to take a good look at yourself and root out the natural color charms of your features and hair. For example, some have light hair color but darker lips and darker skin tone; while others have dark hair and light complexion with light colored lips and fast eye color. All these factors tend to provide you with the basic guidelines of which contrasting shades you should put effort on to make an overall pleasing look.


Once this high-low contrast of natural features is decided, it’s time to get down to real business and make preparations for the final and most imperative task. If you have light complexion and dark hair then resort to the use of medium shades because using a dark contrast of colors will give you a dramatically pathetic look. Those with darker skin tones and facial features can make comparatively intense shades work to their advantage. For example black women should use plum and wine shades to complement the darkness of their tone; revealing conspicuously use of makeup that does not contradict their mage.


Best combinations of makeup should also be with regard to the natural lip color. Some have light and pink lip flesh while others have dark lips. Since the base of lip color s different; therefore, light skin lips can make use of almost any shade they want in medium tone. Darker lips have a limited number of shades that can overwhelm the dark base of the skin to match your demand and need. Last but not the least, for eye makeup always adheres to the use of powdered shades no matter what the skin type because it gives the best effect to the shades on display.

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