In order to maintain the beauty of your hair and face, eat healthy and take an adequate diet. Drink plenty of water and eat fruits that are enriched with vitamin C. Also include as much proteins in your diet as possible. Green vegetables play an important role keeping your hair iron enriched resulting in hair that is enriched with health and beauty.

There are certain foods that can enhance your beauty. For instance apple cider vinegar keeps your skin supple and helps in peeling off dead skin. Carrots prevent pre mature ageing and increase the luminosity of your eyes. All citrus fruits that are enriched in Vitamin C form collagen in your skin which is very instrumental in keeping it soft, tight and glossy. Eating garlic delays early wrinkling and keeps your skin tissues intact. Sweet potatoes again are an excellent anti-wrinkling agent and their intake results in a clearer and smoother skin.

There is no doubt that your skin needs regular cleansing and toning. It is very important that you do a cleansing routine each night before going to bed. Get a good quality cleansing lotion and cleanse your skin with a drop of cleansing lotion on a cotton ball. Move it gently all over the skin to ret on a cotton ball and move the traces of makeup. Now use a toner to tone your skin which has gone through a great deal after the entire day. Apply the toner to the forehead, your cheeks, to the crevices around the nose and the crevices around the chin.

When it comes to maintaining the beauty of your hair it is important that you get it cut after sensible intervals in time. Also avoid dyeing or bleaching your hair a great deal to preserve its natural beauty. Try applying oil to your hair time and again as it tends to lose it natural moisture after some time.

Make a habit of maintaining your hair and face with natural home remedies as well as with good quality products. It is very important to take good care of yourself as looking good results in feeling good.